Vibrant emotions in every dish

    When we refer to a dish as being good we generally intend its taste: it tastes good and that satisfies us. But tasting a dish at Kalos is different and the experience requires a little more attention. Each course is an elegant and harmonious composition which first delights the sight and then caresses the palate. Loving care is dedicated to the selection of local seasonal products of the finest quality, brought together in original compositions. When in season, the menu is characterized by a green cauliflower tartlet with Red Mazara Prawns, soft caciotta cheese from Ragusa and cherry-tomatoes, drowned molluscs with sweet date-tomatoes and black squid tongues with soffron and seafood. We always produce the pasta we use ourselves, just as the fragrant bread and superlative desserts. Thanks to great precision and creativity in the use of various cooking techniques, each dish is a unique experience, accompanied, of course, by selected wines.

    Spaghettiwith Red Mazara Prawns and pistachio

    The first of the first
    A great interpretation of a classic recipe, with the eccellent Red Prawns from Mazara, handmade pasta, locally produced pistachio and sweet date-tomatoes. The fleshy eccellence of the prawns enhance the spaghetti, flavoured by the pistachio and succulent sweet tomatoes which capture the spirit of the sea.

    RoyalMullet a Beccafico

    The sea prince
    A tasty variation of the famous ‘sarde alla beccafico‘ which substitutes the sardine with the Mullet: a fish with a great flavour and consistency. A filling of breadcrumb, raisins, pine nuts and orange juice nestles in the folds of the fish rolled up in the form of a rose. A flower which alludes to the delicious scent within.

    CrushedGourmet Cannolo

    The classic revisited
    The classic Cannolo is reduced to its essentials: light crispy layers of biscuit are separated by creamy sweetened ricotta and orange marmalade substitutes the traditional candied orange peel. Despite its original presentation, the biscuit is made just as grandmother did and the ricotta is beaten up to a soave creamy texture.