The Chef Antonio Cipolla

    They often call me Chef. I don’t consider myself a Chef, I’m just a person who loves cooking, that’s all.”


    Cooking, love and fantasy
    As a student Antonio started washing dishes in a restaurant in Favara. Soon after completing his studies at the local hotel school he packed his bags and left for the North of Italy to seek his fortune, working as a cook in the restaurants of the Garda District. Chef Cesare from Padova taught him the secrets of the kitchen but after just two years he was forced to interrupt his career and return to Sicily for military service; and then he met Giovanna. Antonio chose to remain in Sicily and opened a pizzeria and take-away but three years later Antonio and Giovanna got married and they took off for the North of Italy together. After 15 years they returned to Sicily, driven this time by Antonio’s dream of opening his own restaurant. Kalos is their dream come true and since its opening in 2010 it has become one of the most appreciated restaurants of Agrigento.


    A team dedicated to Quality
    Giovanna is a perfect hostess and she looks after the guests, skillfully assisted by her staff trained not only to welcome clients but also to perceive their wishes and guide them with their suggestions. Antonio governs the kitchen, assisted by his nephew Salvo who is as passionate about cooking as his uncle is. Antonio is very strict and demanding in his kitchen, so in the beginning Salvo had to start off by washing the dishes after school in order to help out and earn a little pocket money for the weekend. But an unexpected event catapulted him from the sink to the cookers. After years of guided observation under the critical and vigilant gaze of his uncle, Salvo has perfectly assimilated both techniques and style. Today Salvo is proud to be Antonio’s first assistant.