Agrigentothe city and territory

    The wonders of our land

    The restaurant looks out over piazzetta San Calogero, close to the Church of San Calogero, at just a few steps from Via Atenea, main shopping street in the centre of Agrigento. Agrigento is renowned worldwide for its magnificent Valley of the Temples, recognised by UNESCO as a testimonial of ancient Greek culture. But the centre of town boasts notable monuments too: the Cathedral, the Church of Holy Mary of the Greeks built on the basements of a Greek Temple and the monastery of the Holy Spirit with its superb Chiaramonti arches. Strolling down Via Atenea visitors can stop off at the art galleries “FAM-Fabbriche Chiaramontane” located below the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, the 18th century ex Convent of the Filippine Fathers which now housesthe municipal collection of paintings, and the 19th century Theatre dedicated to Luigi Pirandello, Nobel wining playwright of Agrigento.